9 Feb

Preventing Roof Ice Build-up From Causing Major Damage

Many places across Canada are faced the great storms of snow. One of the hardest hit places that are known for this is the Edmonton region. Snow and ice can do severe damage to your roof if caution is not taken at the right time. In the following article, we are going to look at some of the major tips that can prevent snow and ice buildup from causing any significant damage.
Ensure that the attic is cold.

This should be done by making sure that the attic is properly insulated. This is vital because it allows enough heat to escape so that the available snow can melt in slow and safe manner. Ensure that the melting is taking place in a slow way since quick and rigorously can result into ice dams which are very dangerous, clog gutters and even damage the roof to some extents.

Do not allow ice and snow build up

Usually, the roof is designed to withstand weight to certain limits. If you allow ice to accumulate so much, the weight can be too much to the extent that the roof cannot withstand and it might collapse as a result. It is therefore recommended that you clear you to roof after every storm so that you can avoid the failure. Make good use of roof rakes to do a clearance of snow. The important thing with roof rakes is that they are rust proof, have extension poles and are of lightweight.

Clear your gutters.

It’s usually uncommon for ice to build up in the gutters. However, too much accumulation of the ice makes the drains to become thick and can result to them ripping away consequently leading to damage which can affect the entire roof and the property around. Therefore, you can do some chipping to the ice that accumulates on the gutters though it is so dangerous sometimes since it can do serious damage to you if caution is not taken.

Ice damage.

This involves melting ice and snow so that it can escape into the shingles. This is crucial since in the shingles if washed away like water and therefore avoiding accumulation. This is sometimes not good because it leaves such stains in your ceiling. However, it is a better option of avoiding accumulation ice and snow which can cause rigorous damage to your roof.

Knocking off the icicles.

This is usually not a recommended act since it can cause damage to the gutters, flashing and the leaves. Fortunately, if you can hire a professional person, he can do the knocking so as to avoid accumulation and future damages of the roofs from the damages.

Do some inspection to your property after a major storm

After the melting of the ice, it is usually advisable you do an inspection of your property and your roof so that you can identify the probable problems that might have been caused by the ice. You can often do an inspection to your roof visually from the ground using things like binoculars and make a list of the most common roofing problems. If you notice any damage make a quick response of calling the professionals.


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