23 Dec

Custom Home Builders Vs Regular Home Builders – What’s The Difference?

At first thought, you might think that a regular home builder isn’t any different than a custom home builder, especially with many modern model home builders making custom adjustments for customers. Many of these customized adjustments, however, are pre-selected amenities that can be chosen, not actual customized features that clients might want to make their homes unique.

An Edmonton Home Under Construction
An Edmonton Home Under Construction

True Custom Home Building

Custom home builders can talk about all kinds of pre-selected amenities and floor plans with their clients, but the idea is for the customers to tell the home builders what they want. Custom homes can be made to be all sizes, have unique features and be made in different styles, so in other words it’s again not about pre-selected amenities and various pre-made model homes. Most Edmonton custom home builders build homes from the ground up, using a blueprint from an architect. The definition has been modified over time to mean many different things, but it’s never going to mean pre-built model homes that let you select a few customized features.

To get a custom home built these days, you don’t necessarily need an architect to design a blueprint for you, but you will have to hire a general contractor. The contractor will meet with you and discuss your options for building your home from the ground up. He will then delegate the work to subcontractors and break ground on your new custom home.

Custom built homes are built on the land in which they will reside. Manufactured homes built off side are prefabricated and not actual custom homes. No matter how you define a customized home or custom built home, one thing for sure is it’s going to give you many more individual choices for making your home unique.


Make Sure You get What YOU Want

What do you want your home to be like? One thing you can also do is to sit down with a contractor and tell him what you want. After this, the contractor can look at preexisting floor plans that are close to what you want and pick one that can more easily be modified. This wouldn’t be a manufactured home but a true custom built home. You can have customized features on a manufactured home as well, but you will have less of a chance to truly customize your home is all. Again, it’s up to you and how you view the modern definition of the custom built home.